50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Making lists is one of the things I like the most (in fact, it’s also on this list, worth the redundancy). I found this tag on the Thirteen Thoughts blog and decided to do it. Here are the 50 things that make me happy:

1. Crying my eyes out at the end of a film. It feels as if you purge all the demons inside of you at once, and afterwards, you feel totally relaxed.

2. Travelling alone. I keep very good memories of my trips alone. The liberty sensation you feel is indescribable!

3. Books.

4. Classics prequels and sequels. What better than to know what happened to your favourite characters before and after their well-known stories?

5. Using a notebook or diary for the first time, and trying my best to use good handwriting.

6. The smell of bleach that sometimes comes out of the blue and it reminds me of my granny. I always feel her presence when I smell it.

7. When I feel totally clean.

8. Looking back and realising how much I’ve learned and changed for good.

9. Waking up way too early after a good night’s sleep and having my first coffee—and cigarette—of the day on the balcony, when all the city is still sleeping.

10. Period dramas.

11. Tudor history. Even though I’m not a monarchist, I never get tired of watching films and reading books and articles about the members of this dynasty, especially about Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I.

12. Crafting and writing stories. I love those lucid moments when my head can’t stop generating loads of brilliant new ideas and I must link them together and write them down very quickly before they vanish. O Muse!

13. Mingling with locals wherever I travel to.

14. Learning new skills, whatever the subject, as long as I learn something new.

15. Translating documents. I find it relaxing.

16. Blogging. I love my blog and I’m always looking for new ways to improve it.

17. Hiking.

18. Cardmaking.

19. Discovering charming places by mistake. This is what happened to me on my last trip to England. I ended up sleeping in a Victorian house in Haworth! It was something that wasn’t planned.

20. The moment when my students announce me that they’ve passed a very important exam after a long time struggling.

21. “My little demons.” This is how I call my group of youngest students. They sometimes make me angry, but they also make me laugh a lot!

22. Go for a walk on the beach at 7 am when it’s almost desert.

23. Spending time alone, since I’m a major introvert.

24. Spending time with my family, especially at Christmas and at birthday parties, when we’re all together and the children open their presents.

25. Going for walks and chatting with my friend Marina. We usually have very productive talks. It’s true that we haven’t known each other for long, but I already adore her!

26. Smoothies and frappés. Yummy!

27. Baths in hotel rooms. They make me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

28. Eating out with my brother when he comes to visit. He always takes me to the best restaurants.

29. Listening to music and singing in the shower, especially songs by Simon & Garfunkel.

30. Winter.

31. Running in the rain and getting home soaked from head to foot.

32. Those days when I look in the mirror and I like what I see.

33. That Finally Friday! moment when the week is over and you know you have the whoooole weekend to do whatever you like. This makes me really, REALLY happy!

34. Taking and editing photos.

35. Sharing good moments with my mum.

36. Being paid every month. A woman’s got to earn a living, you know?

37. Desigual handbags! I have loads of them!

38. Cleaning and redecorating when I’m stressed. I’m a little bit of a control freak, just like Monica in Friends.

39. Giving presents.

40. But also receiving presents.

41. Daydreaming before falling asleep.

42. Buying things that I’ll never use or read, like colouring books, drawing blocks, or fashion magazines. (This is a bad habit I must break ASAP.)

43. Sainsbury’s, Poundland and Tesco. The British are clever people!

44. After a long flight, the moment when the aircraft is landing at my holiday destination.

45. Google. I absolutely adore every.single.one of their products. Google is God. (It is.)

46. Pinterest, so full of useful ideas in those cute little boards.

47. Instagram.

48. Lists. All kind of them.

49. The UK. Best country ever.

50. The English language. What am I supposed to say? I’m an English teacher!

If you’re reading this, I tag you to do it too. And don’t forget to post a comment below with a link to your blog so I can check it out!

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash