April Goals & March Review

April Goals & March Review

March has definitely been a great month for me in all aspects.

Since last October, I was feeling really unmotivated, both with my work and my blog. I didn’t feel like doing anything AT ALL and I just wanted to throw in the towel. I also felt extremely fatigued physically and I just wanted to stay at home and forget about the whole world.

So I spent all autumn and winter withdrawn into myself, hibernating like bears do. Thank goodness spring arrived, and with it, the good vibes.

So I took action. As soon as I realized that it wasn’t healthy to live like that, I went to the psychiatrist seeking help. He prescribed me vitamins and sulbutiamine, a medicine used to treat fatigue, weakness, depression, and loss of memory, among other symptoms.

And you know what? I feel GREAT! Now, I’m very active and motivated and good things are happening again.

So let’s see what happened in March…

March Review

Go back to therapy. After seeing the psychiatrist, I made an appointment with a psychologist. I wanted to do this for a long time and I’m very happy with my decision. I’ve only had two sessions with my new therapist, but I’m already determined to conquer the world again!

Try a new recipe. Strange as it may sound, I cooked mac and cheese for the first time in my life! I used this easy recipe from Picky Palate, but I used paprika instead of black pepper and it was delicious!

Brand Collaborations:

  • Femme Luxe: Even though I didn’t publish any new product reviews in March, this brand has sent me more clothing items to write about on my blog. I’ve already done a photo shoot of me with the new garments and the post will be live this month!
  • Media Buzzer: This is my first paid collaboration ever! The result of this is this awesome post: Perfect Hairstyles To Match Different Dress Necklines.

April Goals

Try a new recipe (again). Last month I tried American food and in April I want to try another international recipe. I think I’ll choose Hungary, where I was on vacation three months ago! Maybe chicken paprikash? Yuuuummy!

Meet again with an old friend. Lately, I’ve been feeling really nostalgic about the past. I’ve missed the old friends of my adolescence with whom I lost touch. In April, I’m going to meet up with my friend and ex-colleague Gerard after more than a decade! It’s very exciting to meet again with people who were important in your life and see that they are doing well.

Keep going to therapy. And I think this is gonna be a lifetime goal.

Go for a walk with David every Saturday. Since the good weather is back, we’ve started going for walks on the beach to see the sunset, something that David really likes. And I enjoy spending some quality time with him, walking, talking, and observing the beautiful sky colours.

Social Media & Blogging Goals:

  • Blog: Publish at least 6 posts; reach 1.5K page views.
  • Twitter: Reach 2.5K followers.
  • Instagram: Publish 15 posts; reach 500 followers.
  • Pinterest: I definitely need to work on my Pinterest strategy: rearrange boards, validate Pins, go over keywords,… Also, I’d like to reach 200 followers.

And that’s all, guys! What are your goals for April?