Catalonia Travel

One day in Barcelona

Last Saturday, David and I went to Barcelona to celebrate our first year together. Yay! The weather was terrible: It rained all day, but we didn’t mind too much, since we had planned some very cool activities. This is the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, a complex of fountains, cascades and pools. The best time to …

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Describe Your Boobs Like a Male Novelist!

I’ve just discovered this ludicrous new challenge on The Bloggess—the place where I usually come across this type of crazy nonsense. It all began with the “describe yourself like a male author would” Twitter thread, which is worth a read. Use the Electric Literature’s Male Novelist Description Generator to objectify you based on the letters of …

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Life Update

Hello again, my dear friends! Once again, I must apologise. As a result of a change of jobs, I’ve taken a—rather long—break from blogging. A few weeks ago, I quit my job as an English teacher in a language school. From last week, I’m working at my family’s company in Tarragona, just half an hour …

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Celebrate Happiness

January Review

Hello, friends! This month has been very profitable for me! Here are the reasons: I’ve been able to start off the year with a positive attitude and let me tell you that I’ve felt much happier and that I’ve been able to make better decisions than I used to in the past. David and I …

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