25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas — #Blogmas18 Day 5

25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

This year, I decided to take part in the Blogmas challenge. If you still don’t know what it is, you can read my post What Is Blogmas & Why You Should Take Up This Challenge. I’ll just tell you that I’m already regretting it because I have so little time and I’m so bad at planning that I get stressed just thinking about it! What the heck were you thinking, Norma?

Basically, participating in this challenge consists in publishing a post every single day from December 1 until Christmas Day. There are bloggers who are so efficient and well-organized that they’ve even finished ALL their posts before Blogmas starts. All they have to do is schedule them and that’s it!

Unfortunately, I’m not like them and I always leave everything to the last minute… (Maybe I should consider changing this and add it to my list of New Year’s resolutions.)

If you’re like me and always leave everything for the last minute or if right now you have just decided to take the challenge, here is a list of 25 Christmas blog post ideas, one for each day of the blog.

  1. What Is Blogmas?
  2. Holiday Instagram Ideas
  3. An Open Letter to Santa Claus
  4. Christmas Blog Post Ideas
  5. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas
  6. Best Christmas Songs Ever
  7. Best Christmas Movies of All Time
  8. Christmas Traditions and Celebrations in My Country
  9. My Favourite Christmas Story
  10. My Christmas Tree
  11. DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas
  12. What Christmas Means to Me
  13. Under $50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her
  14. Christmas Gift Ideas for Him
  15. My Christmas Wish List
  16. DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
  17. Write a Christmas-themed short story or poem
  18. What I Usually Do at Christmas
  19. Most Charming Christmas Markets in My Country
  20. The Christmas Lights in My Town/City
  21. Share a Christmas recipe
  22. DIY Holiday Jewellery
  23. New Year’s Resolutions Ideas
  24. My Year in Pictures
  25. My Special Christmas Adventure Abroad

Are you doing Blogmas? If so, what topics have you written about so far?