Finding Cheap Travel Accommodation in Dublin: The Dublin Viking’s House

The Dublin Viking's House.

Last week, David and I went on a trip to Dublin to celebrate my 32nd birthday and our 9 months together.

It wasn’t my first time in Ireland. I had visited Dublin in 2009—almost a decade ago, Jaaaysus!—when I got a job as a cabin crew in the Irish airline Ryanair.

However, I was there just for a few hours. The plan was to open a bank account in the Bank of Ireland and come back to Spain on the same day. As you can imagine, then I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the city.

The thing is, last year David and I booked a flight to London for December on Ryanair. Just a few weeks after, the company sent me a message to inform me that the flight was cancelled due to bad planning of the crew annual holidays.

We had to change our flight date—with no charges, obviously. Also, as a compensation, Ryanair gave each of us a €80 voucher, so we didn’t think twice about it: we decided to spend that money on another trip! We decided it would be Ireland because David was curious about it and I wanted to visit it again.

The Dublin Viking’s House

We booked an affordable little apartment on

The Dublin Viking’s House is located near the city centre of Dublin and it’s the perfect travel accommodation for couples (especially if you’re broke!).

This is the moment when we got there. I was happy because the apartment had exceeded my expectations: it was spacious, warm, very clean, with lots of light, clean towels and bed linen, a hairdryer, free WiFi, a kitchen, a dining table, and a bathroom. And most important of all: the double bed was super comfortable!

There’s a little kitchen inside the apartment, so you can save loads of money on your trip by eating in instead of eating in restaurants.

It is equipped with an electric cooker, an oven, an extractor, a toaster, an electric kettle, a microwave, and kitchen utensils.

The bathroom had everything we needed too, including a heater, though in my opinion the shower was maybe too small.

Finding cheap travel accommodation

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I hope you found this post useful. I’ll see you in my next post!