Irish Fancy Dress Accessories for Women

Irish Good Luck Fairy Carnival Costume

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Are you ready for the Carnival?

I wasn’t a few days ago. I didn’t know what to wear so I thought it was better not to celebrate it.

Last week, I visited Dublin, Ireland. The last day of my trip, I went to Carrolls to buy some souvenirs for myself and my family.

And then I came across the St. Patrick’s Day costumes and accessories and picked some to wear them at the Carnival!

The good thing? I only spent less than €5!

Here are my picks:

Irish Nails = $1.17

Irish Nails.
Irish Nails.

This 24 pre-glued Irish nails are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Carnival.

Before you stick…

Clean your hands and nails and remove any polish or oil from your natural nails. Lightly buff nail surface with a fine file to maximise adshesion.


  1. Choose the nail that fits your natural nail.
  2. Place the nail at a 45 degree angle against your cuticle.
  3. Gently press and hold the nail down onto the natural nail plate.

Easy removal: Soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Gently peel off from side.

Caution: Do not apply to infected nails.

St. Patrick’s Day Black & Green Glitter Shamrock Pre-Glued Nails (24 Per Pack)

Irish Shamrock Wand = $1.17

Irish Shamrock Wand.
Irish Shamrock Wand.

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Pearl & Ribbon Shamrock Wand

Irish Fairy Wings = $2.34

Irish Fairy Wings.
Irish Fairy Wings.

Carrolls Irish Gifts Green ST. Patrick’s Day Fairy Wings Covered In Glitter With A Fluffy Centre

I’m going to combine these accessories with a green Ireland T-shirt I also bought at Carrolls, and a miniskirt and fishnet stockings that I already had.

Irish Fairy Make-Up

To finish up, I browsed some make-up tutorials on Pinterest and I chose this make-up for my eyes.

Stay tuned because tomorrow I’m going to update this post with pictures of me wearing this Carnival costume!

What are you gonna wear?