January Review

Bright Christmas Decoration

Hello, friends!

This month has been very profitable for me! Here are the reasons:

  • I’ve been able to start off the year with a positive attitude and let me tell you that I’ve felt much happier and that I’ve been able to make better decisions than I used to in the past.
  • David and I have been planning carefully our trip to Dublin. We love planning and are really looking forward to it, since we’re flying there on the day I’m turning 32!
  • Also, we’ve been making decisions about the future and I hope I’ll be able to share them with you very, very soon if they finally happen.

I’m really looking forward to February, one of my favourite times of the year: my birthday, the carnival, Saint Valentine’s Day,… We’ll be celebrating the whole month!

Thank you so, so much for reading, and stay tuned for the next post!

xx. Norma