May Goals & April Review

I know I should have published this post a few days ago, but it seems I’m still unable to meet deadlines. And yes, we’re almost one third through May, but I guess it’s not an excuse for not publishing my monthly goals, right?

So, without further ado, here’s a summary of April and a preview of May.

April Review

Unlike March, which was definitely a good month for me, I could say that April has been almost disastrous — leaving aside the release of the Game of Thrones final season!

Jokes aside, I’m a person who has always struggled with self-discipline. And it’s not that I don’t do anything to fix this. (Actually, I do: I’ve read a ton of self-help and NLP books, articles, and blog posts. I’m constantly trying to improve myself.) But even so, sometimes I fail to achieve my goals and then I get really frustrated.

I guess I still need to find the one strategy that will work for me. And it feels SO CLOSE I can almost taste it. But in the meantime, I search and I search…

Keep going to therapy. Thank goodness, I usually go to therapy twice a month and can vent my sorrows to someone! (I’m not going to add this to my monthly goals posts again since I’ve already taken it as a habit.)

Try a new recipe. I didn’t cook that chicken paprikash I told you about in my last monthly goals post. I had bought all the necessary ingredients, but after Easter, David and I got sick and, of course, we couldn’t eat anything spicy. So I had to freeze the chicken for later… and it’s still in the freezer. Instead, I cooked Cuban-style rice. Have you ever tried it?

Go for a walk with David once a week. Yes, we did!

Meet again with an old friend. I didn’t for personal reasons.

Social Media & Blogging Goals

  • Blog: Publish at least 6 posts and reach 1.5K monthly pageviews. I only published 3 posts and reached 1K pageviews.
  • Twitter: Reach 2.5K followers. I reached 2.1K.
  • Instagram: Publish 15 posts and reach 500 followers. I only published 6 posts, but I reached +600 followers!
  • Pinterest: Work on my Pinterest strategy and reach 200 followers. Yay! I did it!

May Goals

This month I’ll try to be a little more realistic when setting goals. I want to cross out each and every one of them!

Try a new recipe. Let’s see if I can cook that chicken paprikash at last!

Go for a walk with David once a week.

Social Media & Blogging Goals

Be honest with myself. Sometimes it’s so easy to compare yourself with other bloggers, especially the successful ones. I do this too often and I don’t want it to interfere between me and my blog. I want to be 100% honest with myself and with the rest of the world.

Write posts when commuting to work. I usually spend an entire hour a day on the train (and an entire hour in a cafĂ© waiting for the train). I always try to spend that time sharing and commenting on other blogs, but I think it’d be awesome if I could publish blog posts anytime and anywhere.

  • Blog: Publish 6 posts; reach 1.2K monthly pageviews.
  • Twitter: Reach 2.3K followers.
  • Instagram: Reach 700 followers.
  • Pinterest: Reach 300 followers.

How was April for you and what are your goals for May? X