Monthly Goals: April


I’m going to start a new section starting from now. It’s called Monthly Goals, and a few days before the start of a new month I’ll list all the goals that I want to accomplish in that specific month.

So let’s start with April! I’ve only set a few goals. I think five are enough to start with.

  1. Every morning, have a healthy smoothie for breakfast. I think preparing them on Sundays, and freezing them would be a good idea, because I can’t imagine myself spending ten minutes every morning preparing one!
  2. Eat vegetables for dinner every night, except on Saturdays. This one’s going to be quite easy, I think. I already do it almost every night. Almost!
  3. On Sundays, get up early and go for a walk at the beach. This is going to be a good cure for the body and soul. But, will I be able to get up early on a Sunday?! That’s the question…
  4. Go to the gym at least three times at the weekend. But I’m so lazy when it comes to go to the gym… This is going to be a difficult one!
  5. Study English at least three times a week. I should be able to find time to do it between classes.

These are my April goals. So, when April’s about to finish, I’ll publish a post with the results and next month’s new goals.

Thanks for reading!