Monthly Goals: October

I can’t believe October has already started –gosh, September has gone in a flash!

Let’s review my September goals. Did I achieve any of them?

1. Go to the Gym 3 Times a Week

I was surprisingly able to go to the gym 3 times a week –and I still can’t believe it! Yes, ME!–, except for the last week of the month. I now constantly repeat this to myself: “Why, Norma?! You were doing so well…!”

The thing is that I’ve been going to the gym with my friend Marina. It’s a fact that it’s way easier to carry out any activity if you do it with someone else. Don’t you agree? Besides, we really have fun catching up! But now Marina has started uni and she doesn’t have much free time left. So she’s now going to quit the gym…

… and I think I will too. Why? Because next week I’ll start working the whole day again, and I won’t have any free time either. I know keeping fit is important for your health. Yet, I will be so busy that even if I have an hour left I’ll be so exhausted that I won’t feel like going to the gym. I do know myself.

But don’t worry, this is only temporary. I’ll sign up again soon!

2. Study a Foreign Language 30 minutes a Day

So how did it go…?

I definitely rocked it!!! Yes! I started out by doing just the half an hour per day I had set to do. But then I got hooked, and some days I spent like three, four or even more hours studying.

I mainly focused on Italian and Scottish Gaelic. I even wrote a post on how to learn Scottish Gaelic from scratch, and I have read a whole book in Italian!

So I’m really, really happy with this, and I’ll keep this goal on my list for October.

3. Read One Classic Book a Month in English

I started reading Emma by Jane Austen, but I soon quit because I was spending too much time on my blog. Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate Program link. There will be more referral links on the rest of this post.

Anyway, the goal was to read in English, but I did it in Italian instead. So I’m happy too!

I read Radio Lina – Book+CD (Italian Edition), a small book for beginner students.

And now let’s go straight with my monthly goals for this October.

  1. Study a foreign language 30 minutes a day. Again, this one’s going to be easy.
  2. Write 2 posts per week on this blog.
  3. Read another book in Italian.
  4. Cut down on coffee. I’m a caffeine addict since I can remember. And lately I’ve been drinking too much coffee, even at night! I’ll set 3 cups a day at the most. This one’s going to be hard…

I’m motivated to achieve all this, and I hope October goes well for you!

So what are your goals for this month?