Monthly Goals: September

I really need to work on my determination if I want to succeed in whatever I resolve to do.

In fact, some time ago I decided that my Word of the Year would be commitment, but now I think I should change it for determination. Or maybe discipline–which I’ve never had in my whole life… What if I could have two or three Words of the Year…?

Actually, when I was in Inverness (Scotland) a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly decided that I wanted to have a tattoo made, and I wanted it, of course, in Scottish Gaelic. I thought that the word commitment would help me focus, and furthermore I really liked how it sounds in Gaelic: ‘dealas.’ In the end I decided not to have the tattoo made, because I wasn’t a 100% sure.

I’m telling you this, because the first–and last–time I wrote a post about my monthly goals setting was in… April! And the sad truth is that I didn’t even achieve any of them! As usual, I started off full of enthusiasm, but on the second or third day I threw in the towel.

I think the main problem with me and goals setting is that I don’t know exactly why I do want to do all the things I decide to do. For instance, why should I learn Dutch?

Like me, my friend Marina is learning Italian and asked me, very surprised, why the heck I wanted to learn Dutch. What’s the point of learning such an unpleasant language to listen to?! In fact, she’s learning Italian–and German too–, because she’s convinced that it’ll be helpful for her career prospects in the future. And I completely agree with that. That’s exactly why I’m learning Italian too. But you also have to keep in mind that Dutch is the seventh most spoken language in Europe. But is that really the reason why I want to learn it?

So I’ve resolved to work hard on achieving my goals for September. Here they go:

  1. Go to the gym 3 times a week.
  2. Study a foreign language 30 minutes a day. (I’m currently studying English, Italian, Dutch and Scots Gaelic.)
  3. Read 1 classic book a month–in English. (I’m now reading Emma by Jane Austen.)

No more than three goals. This way’s going to be more feasible. Give me luck!

What are your goals for next month?

Featured image licensed to Chris Golightly under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.