How I Love to Spend My Me-Time

How I Love to Spend My Me-Time

As an introvert, I’ve always enjoyed spending time alone. In fact, sometimes I even forget everything else. The following is a list of activities I enjoy doing in my me-time.

Writing stories

How I Love to Spend My "Me-Time"

The biggest dream of my life is to become a writer.

When I was a child I really liked to read. If I remember correctly, I decided I wanted to be a writer while I was reading a book by Stephen King, probably Carrie or It.

I thought I too could write that way because sometimes the words just flowed in my head at full speed and I usually came up with the greatest ideas ever—well, at least this is what I thought back then…

I was truly inspired by Stephen King and by many other authors like, for example, Anne Rice—the queen of vampire literature, who wrote Interview with the Vampire and other gothic novels a few decades before that Twilight sh*t appeared.

Throughout my life I’ve written loads of stories. I guess some were okay, but others didn’t have any sense at all. But at least I tried.

Unfortunately, I’m a great destroyer of my own work and I’ve moved house so many times in my life that I don’t keep many writings. What a pity!

I’m currently working on a new story which really motivates me. I hope I can finish it soon!


How I Love to Spend My "Me-Time"

I’ve always liked to know the different properties of herbs. That’s why I grow medicinal and aromatic plants on my balcony, all those I can make use of: aloe vera, basil, rue,… Mother nature is wise and provides us with everything we need, so I prefer to use natural remedies instead of medicines.

How I Love to Spend My "Me-Time"
Herbal Encyclopedia.


How I Love to Spend My "Me-Time"
My first oil painting.

I’ve recently taken up oil painting.

The picture above is my first artwork using this technique. The idea wasn’t mine, though. It was an exercise from the book Óleo: Para aprender a pintar paso a paso (Spanish Edition).

Oil painting.
Oil painting.

I’m now working on another painting—also an exercise from the book aboveand I hope I can show you very soon!


Well, I’ve got a blog and I love to write, so I must like blogging!

Apart from writing posts, I really enjoy customizing the theme I’m using: colours, fonts, widgets,… everything in fact. If you’re a blogger too, you know what I mean.

I follow many blogging experts: Melyssa Griffin, XO Sarah, Helene in Between, FEMTREPRENEUR, etc. All of them are awesome and their tips have helped me grow my blog, so I’m really grateful to them.


As I said above, reading is also one of my hobbies since forever. I love getting lost in a good story and forgetting my problems for a while.

I can say that reading from an early age has helped me to develop an almost perfect spelling and also to have a rich vocabulary in my two mother tongues, Catalan and Spanish. I’m still learning English, so I’m aware that I make lots of mistakes. But I keep on reading on a daily basis, not only books, but also articles on the Internet.

So this was my list of things I enjoy doing. What about you? How do you spend your me-time?

Photo by Jordan Christian on Unsplash