An Open Letter to Santa Claus — #Blogmas18 Day 3

An Open Letter to Santa Claus

This post is part of the blogging challenge Blogmas 2018. You can read the rest of my Christmas-related posts here.

Dear Santa,

This year, I’ve been naughty.

I admit that I’ve been very selfish. I’ve often put my personal and economic interests before others, without caring too much about the consequences of my hot-headed behaviour. I’ve acted in an egoistic manner just because I was fed up with everything and everyone.

I’ve also been very intolerant of people whom I don’t agree with or who I’ve felt that acted unfairly — even with members of my own family. Now I know I should have told them how I felt instead of getting so angry.

You know, it’s been many years since I stopped believing in you, Santa. When I was only five years old, I was the first little girl in my kindergarten class to know that you actually didn’t exist. To be honest, I think it was unfair that my parents told me so soon. What were they thinking, really? However, this year I decided to give the magic of Christmas a chance because I want to be again the dreamer girl I was.

My Christmas wishes this year are:

  1. To learn to live in the present moment.
  2. To be more tolerant and less demanding of others.
  3. To be strong enough to build the life I really want, instead of sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen.

I hope you can give me a chance this coming year because I’m determined to change my life positively.

Lots of love,