Pick Up The Nearest Book To You

I’ve just read this blog post at The Bloggess, where I’ve found one of those silly chain games that I enjoy so much.

Here it goes:


So I picked up a novel I had on my desk—Young Bess (1952), by Margaret Irwin—and opened it at page 45.


[Thomas] More too, with whom he had walked so often in More’s garden at Chelsea, watching the river flow past and the seagulls swoop and swirl, while they discussed everything under heaven and in it too as they walked up and down, his arm round his friend’s neck.

Such a bucolic postcard, unless for the fact that the narrator’s referring to Henry VIII of England—who in my opinion was a complete arsehole—. I enjoy the history of England, especially the Tudors dynasty, but I detest this king for his despotic personality (nevertheless, I’m an enthusiast of Queen Elizabeth I, his daughter). On the other hand, I admire the philosopher Thomas More for his utopian ideas.

Anyway, putting aside the characters who appear in this sentence, my conclusion from my result in is game is that my love life will be characterized by long, philosophical walks under the clear, blue sky of Chelsea, surrounded by nature, my truelove’s arm around me… Yes, that sounds like me!

Now, I just have to wait to discover who this person is…

What about you?! What do your books say about your next romance?