Santa Llúcia Christmas Market in Canyelles — #Blogmas18 Day 2

This post is part of the blogging challenge Blogmas 2018. You can read the rest of my Christmas-related posts here.

This morning, David and I have been to the Santa Llúcia Christmas market in Canyelles, one of the most popular in Spain. It’s been held for 16 years and I have visited it today for the second time.

The village of Canyelles is just an hour’s drive from Barcelona. If you’re ever lucky enough to be here in early December, you can’t miss this wonderful Christmas fair.

This is what we’ve seen today:

Christmas Decorations

This small Christmas tree is decorated with little tions. The tió is a very popular character of the Catalan Christmas. It’s a personified log wearing a barretina on its head and that defecates gifts — yeah, really — for the children on Christmas Eve.

Fun for Kids

Miniatures & Art Exhibitions

Mangers are also very popular in Catalonia. This HUGE manger is amazing:

Food & Drinks

This is a woman dressed up as a castanyera, the typical Catalan chestnut seller:



I’ve instantly fallen in love with these cute bunnies and Guinea pigs.

As you can see, we’ve spent a lovely morning in this Christmas market in Canyelles.

What are your favourite Christmas markets?