A Day in Sitges & Vintage Car Rally

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Last Sunday, David and I spent the morning in our neighbouring town Sitges to attend the International Vintage Car Rally, and it was amazing!

FYI, Sitges is very known in Catalonia for being a gay-friendly tourist destination. It’s a charming little town where you can enjoy eating in good waterfront restaurants, sunbathe on (nudist) beaches or just going for a walk along the promenade. That’s why, when the good weather starts, it becomes very crowded.

As you can see in the following photos, there were a lot of curious people leaning on the balcony of the symbolic Church of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Tecla.


That morning the sun was shining, but it was also too windy! (It’s hard to believe that I come from the Alt Empordà, one of the windiest places in Catalonia. I think I’ll never get used to the wind!)

The sea was of a beautiful metallic silver colour. It was rough, but packed with small boats you could see on the horizon.

Norma Linnet

Vintage Car Rally

Since 1959, the International Vintage Car Rally is celebrated between Barcelona and Sitges, its starting and destination points, respectively.

All participants in this sporting event are dressed according to the time of manufacture of their vehicles.

Next you can see some of the awesome antique cars we saw in this edition of the rally. (I found some of the brands, models and manufacture dates of the following vehicles, but I couldn’t identify all of them!)

ZL Zedel C16 (1922)

Rochet Schneider (1908)

Citroën B14 (1926)

Ford A Doble Phaeton (1928)

Ford A Doble Phaeton

Citröen C5 (1922)

As you can see, we had a fun and entertaining morning. This was the first time I was at the Vintage Car Rally in Sitges, but next year I’ll be back for sure!

Are you a fan of antique cars? Is there an event similar to this in the area where you live? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Peace, Love & Happiness,