The Day I Turned 17

The Day I Turned 17

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past lately, mostly in my childhood and teenage years.

Last Sunday, when I was back home after an amazing weekend getaway with my boyfriend, I found a photo album on the dining room table.

My mum had left it there. She had probably been looking back on the past or maybe she just left it there unintentionally. It’s obvious that she wanted me to get emotional. Thanks, mum…

The Day I Turned 17

We’re back on 1st of February 2003, that is, fifteen years ago.

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!! Can you believe it?

That day I was turning 17 years old and my uncle, auntie and cousins came round from Barcelona to celebrate with us.

The Day I Turned 17

That year, I decided to dye my hair black and started wearing only black clothes, though in this pictures I’m wearing the Custo shirt my brother had given me for my birthday.

I was going through the beginning of a huge transformation from a “normal” to a Gothic girl. Before that, I had always considered myself rather an antisocial person and I still am. The thing is that then I needed to express it: I dressed like a Goth, think like a Goth and behaved like a Goth.

The Day I Turned 17

I had to change back to normal when I was 22, before I became a flight attendant. Unfortunately, you can’t do some kind of jobs dressed like that.

In the following picture you can see my two cousins, my uncle and my auntie. I was surprised when I discovered these pictures the other day. I look honestly blissful, don’t I?

The Day I Turned 17

Also, I suddenly became obsessed with showing my tongue at all times.

The Day I Turned 17

A lot has happened since then: My uncle passed away almost a decade ago and isn’t with us any more; also, one of my cousins suffered from breast cancer last year but, fortunately, she’s all right now.

I miss my uncle SO MUCH. My auntie could never get over his death and hasn’t been the same since then.

This makes me think that we’ve got to make the most of our time with the people we love. We need to spend quality time with our family and friends because you can never know what will happen tomorrow.

Seventeen was the age when my life started to become kind of hellish. When I was a teenager, I’d never have imagined how my life would develop, but I’m glad I’ve learned so much during all these years.

Next week, I’m turning 32. (OMG!) Now, I look back and I realise that life is really long, though it flies really fast, too.

How about you? How were you when you were 17? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

xx. Norma